Withdrawal Agreement Poison Pill

Last month, the Centre for Brexit Policy published a report backed by veteran backbenchers Bill Cash and Owen Paterson calling for a complete replacement of the withdrawal agreement, which it called a « poison pill ». The think tank is led by John Longworth, a businessman and former MEP who was so enthusiastic about Johnson`s deal that he left the Brexit Party and joined the Conservatives to support it. It was only now, six months after Britain legally left the EU, that MPs have started making a fuss. Former Conservative leader Iain Duncan Smith said this week: « While Britain wants to have good trade relations with the EU as a sovereign state, the EU has different ideas. They want our money and they want to prevent us from being a competitor. Unfortunately, the withdrawal agreement we signed last year helps them. In particular, he pointed to provisions that hold the UK responsible for part of the EU`s loan portfolio, which he said could allow the Treasury to deposit a £160 billion note. The deal is so toxic that it would be perfectly legitimate under international law to terminate the treaty, and that is exactly what the UK government should do if the EU refuses to adjust its effects. This level of agreement rises to two-thirds among « Red Wall » residents who voted Labour in the 2017 general election and then switched to the Conservatives in the 2019 election – and nearly three-quarters of those who voted Conservative in both elections. I don`t think it works that way, the VA will remain in effect until a new agreement is negotiated to replace it. I really want the British government to try to renegotiate. Meanwhile, the former head of the charity and Brexit Party MEP Matthew Patten wrote for the Sunday Express: « To regain our sovereignty, Boris Johnson must tear up and replace the deal he signed just 6 months ago that allowed us to leave the EU, set up the transition period and outline the possible parameters of a future trade deal. » In addition, the new withdrawal agreement creates a border in the Irish Sea with customs and regulatory controls on goods entering Northern Ireland from the UK, a provision hated by the Democratic Unionist Party, which has been closely linked to Conservative Brexiters throughout the May era. The report calls on Johnson to replace the withdrawal agreement with a deal « in line with sovereignty. » A chapter in Lord Trimble says the current deal « tears up the Good Friday Agreement » by handing over legislation on Northern Ireland to the EU.

Among the key elements that make up the « poison pill » are the need for the UK to remain bound by certain state aid laws, the creation of « expensive EU customs mechanisms » at an Irish Sea border, a role for the European Court of Justice (CJEU) for another eight years, and huge divorce payments for amounts that, according to the report, are « not due under international law » and « subject to the decision of the CJEU ». Boris Johnson will have to tear up and replace the agreement he signed only 6 months ago. Frost said there had not been enough time to renegotiate the entire deal with the EU after Mr Johnson had to succeed Theresa May to complete Brexit. Boris Johnson`s withdrawal agreement has been called a « poison pill » by the influential European Research Group and would have « criling » consequences for the UK and prevent us from becoming a fully independent sovereign state. Boris Johnson appears to have ended the Conservative Party`s brexit agony last year by negotiating a new withdrawal agreement with the EU and winning the support of all Conservative MPs – at least once a rump of rebel Remainers had been cleansed. .

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