What Is A School Agreement

Since September 2013, it has not been possible for school principals to approve a half-yearly period of absence/leave for children, except in very exceptional cases. If parents wish to request leave, they must request a form from the school office. Parents should be aware that it is very unlikely that the application will be approved by the Director and the President of the Governors and that they can be fined up to £60 per parent for each child if they proceed with the absence. 3. Make sure your child wears the school uniform and adheres to the school`s dress code. Help the school teach safe internet use at home. 4. Encourage your child to follow the school`s code of conduct. 5. Support for the school`s behavioral policy and full cooperation with all behavioral procedures if necessary (e.B. Failure to meet these obligations can cause me to lose privileges and take away some of my studies from my peers in the school`s inclusion rooms. Stoke Primary School has a homeschooling agreement that you must sign.

It sets out the school`s responsibilities to its students, the responsibilities of the student`s parents, and the school`s expectations of its students. The aim is to strengthen the partnership between home and school and to clarify the respective roles and expectations. Please sign and return the declaration to the pay-foot if you accept the agreement (one for each child attending Stoke Primary School). After School Activities We offer a range of after-school clubs, such as sports, dance and crafts. More information about our school clubs can be found on the school`s website www.stoke.coventry.sch.uk 6. . .

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