Shutterstock Agreement

This is the core of the agreement you subscribe to when you upload an image from Shutterstock, so it`s very important to fully understand it. Subject to the terms of this Agreement and provided that you have not breached the terms of this agreement or any other agreement with Shutterstock, Shutterstock will defend you, indemnified and indemnified you up to the applicable « limitation of liability » below. Such exemption is limited to direct damages suffered by Customer as a result of a third party claim directly attributable to the breach of Shutterstock`s express warranties and assurances in Part III of this Agreement, as well as the related costs (including reasonable attorneys` fees). Indemnification is based on Shutterstock`s written information of any such right or claim that is imminent no later than five (5) business days from the date on which you know or should have known of the right or threat. Such notice must contain all details of the claim that you are aware of at the time (e.g.B. use of the content in question, the name and contact information of the person and/or organization asserting the claim, copies of any correspondence received and/or sent in connection with the claim). Notification must be emailed to Shutterstock under, with printed copy to Shutterstock, 350 5th Avenue, 21st Floor, New York, New York, 10118, Attention: General Counsel, by registered letter, return; or (ii) night courier, signature of the consignee required. Shutterstock has the right to take over the processing, settlement or defense of claims or disputes that apply this exemption. They agree to cooperate with Shutterstock in the defense of such claims and have the right to participate in disputes at their own expense. You agree that Shutterstock shall not be liable for any attorneys` fees and/or other costs incurred for you or on your behalf before Shutterstock has a reasonable opportunity to analyze the validity of any such claim. The following Terms of Use (« Terms of Use ») are a legally valid agreement between you or the employer or other legal entity on whohalf you enter into this agreement (« you » or « customer ») and Shutterstock (as defined in Section 25 below) and sets out the rights and obligations relating to the content you will grant. By entering these Terms of Use, you verify that your country of residence is the same as your billing address. Shutterstock`s expanded license extends literally all the rights to use the standard agreement by adding additional possibilities that remove the aforementioned restrictions in order to gain additional flexibility and revenue opportunities.

In the event of a breach of any of the terms of this agreement or any other agreement with Shutterstock, Shutterstock has the right to terminate your account without further information, in addition to Shutterstock`s other legal and/or cheap rights. Shutterstock is not required to refund any fees you paid if your account is terminated as a result of a violation. And improved? As it gives you wider rights to use, it is useful for images under this agreement to reach a higher price than standard licensed images.

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