Contest Judge Agreement

While some of us had agreed to be jurors for the 2017 competition, others had not even agreed. Summary of the jury agreement Our jury agreement is a legally binding contact between A` Design Awards and the jury member, the jury agreement guarantees and obliges the jury members not to communicate information about the voting procedure and the intellectual property of the participant. This agreement guarantees that jury members are legally required to assess « ethically » and « fairly » all contributions for which they vote; Among the conditions are, for example, a fair vote, the non-use of the participant`s intellectual property for benefits and the non-transmission of the intellectual property shared by the participants, the non-remuneration or devaluation or not to use the participant`s work as the basis for a new work and others that are written in detail as « jury agreement ». The jury`s agreement is unique for the A`Design Awards and helps us to organize one of the most prestigious, credible and prestigious design awards, where the jury is made up of not only eminent, influential and famous people, but also absolutely honorable and trustworthy, and these participants in the A` Design Award can feel safe to trust their contributions and give their confidential information to the A` Design Award to vote, without worrying about leaks or abuses of their work. We invite all members of the jury to honor and approve the jury`s agreement of the A`Design award before the evaluation. Here`s the letter (now from 8 of the judges, since we had edited one of the names at the photographer`s request): « The more it comes out, the more I feel like a deceived senior being taken away by a scammer, » Harris says. Each voice is recorded, normalized and weighted. Many design awards come into play in such situations; to « balance » the results. However, the methodology and principles of the A` Design Award & Competition, which have been scientifically developed, do not allow these so-called « balancing » actions. Given all these aspects, you must understand that the role of the jury of the A`Design Award is of the utmost importance.

Because it is the jury of the A`Design Awards that has full control of the submissions that win the awards. A` Design Award and Competition accepts that the results of the jury are final….

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