Chapter 10 Subject Verb Agreement Answers

15. Some nouns, which appear to be plural when a pair is preceded by them, adopt a singular verb, for example.B. Shoes, scissors, trousers, etc. Basic rules for subject-verb agreement • subjects that pass through and when one topic is connected to another by -and, the subject is usually plural • Tom and Katie work together in the subway. • Topics that go through – and are singular only in two cases: • If the words are preceded by each or every one of them • If the words represent a single person or thing • Each letter and each memo requires the signature of a manager. • His wife and best friend is Christina. Company and organization names • Although company and organization names resemble the plural, they are usually singular. You need singular verbs • Titles • Publications (titles, artistic works) are singular and require a singular verb. • « Clocks » is one of Coldplay`s most popular songs. Question 7. Fill in the blanks with the correct verb form: (a) Ram is the one who…………….. It`s the fault. (b) The whole class…………..

Absent. (c) The jury…………….. That is another opinion. (d) Neither you nor me………….. .. guest. (e) All the boys in the class…….. Absent today. (f) Two and two….. Four.

Answer: (a) is (b) is (c) a (d) the (s) are (f) make 10. Plural nouns: The title of a book, the name of a house or hotel in the plural adopts a singular verblage: 11. Plural nouns with singular meaning: nouns that are plural, but the singular in the sense, usually take a singular verbière: (ii) The second person singular or plural takes a singular: But if these nouns are used without « a pair of », they take a plural verblage: sentence No. 2 is false because the verb « were » wrongly corresponds to the noun of « apples » nearby. This is a mistake of proximity. 3. Incalculable noun: if we use an incalculable subject as the subject of a verb, let`s use a singular form of the verb: 12th singular with a plural verb: Some nouns that seem to be singular adopt a plural verb: Question 6. Fill in the gaps with the correct verb in parentheses: (a) Mathematics ………….. This is my favorite subject. (b) Policy …………….. (is/are) not my cup of tea.

(c) The poet and philosopher Rahim ……….. (is/are dead). (d) Mohan no less than you……….. . .

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