Uga Relocation Agreement

In accordance with the instructions of the Georgia University System, the Law Library may legally propose to pay moving fees for members of the Faculty of Library Law from the Law Library budget, if documented in the written offers of the job (example of letter). The legal library is not required to pay the moving costs and will only make such offers if they are won and financially feasible. The Law Library will make available to staff the University of Georgia`s moving and moving expenses policy, which defines moving costs and reimbursement. The objective of this policy is to bring guidelines into line with the policy of the University of Georgia, the State Code of Georgia, the rules of the Internal Income Code and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) rules for reimbursement to employees for moving and moving moving expenses and paying moving expenses directly to lenders. Refunds and direct payments should be in accordance with national and federal rules. People who benefit from moving and moving expenses should be aware of the impact of income tax and consult a tax specialist who is responsible for personal tax matters. All expenses must be identified and approved in advance. No refund is processed before the contract is signed by all parties. The Law Library will forward the documentation package for moving and moving expenses to the Law School Budget Office for deposit with university lenders.

The documentary package consists of: . Senior University Administrator: Vice President of Finance and Administration Within 60 days of payment or expenses incurred, Law Library staff must file claims on the full refund form on the « Removal and Moving Expenses Reimbursement » form. Implementation date: 03/04/2008 Last revision: May 2012.

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