The Roommate Agreement Big Bang Theory Episode

Carla Day of TV Fanatic gave the episode an extremely positive assessment by saying: « I found the episode and each of the stories hilarious and/or to move the characters forward. All in all, it gave me as the end of the season the laughs I expected and left me in the hope that the show would return in September. Day gave the Cliff-Hanger a mixed review, writing, « At first I thought it was pretty funny, but now I think it`s just sad » and « I`m going to wait for the show to come back and I can see how everything goes before I decide whether or not I like this new involvement. » Day then praised the entire season and congratulated the three new female characters: « Overall, I enjoyed this season, especially the growth of our dunerdy friends and the addition of Bernadette, Amy and even Priya in the mix. » [4] I believe this episode was not only the funniest of the series (so far), but the best written/executed. I watch it over and over again when it`s re-mattered. If you saw the episodes that led to « this » one after the other, you would have recognized the « Lead Ins » on the jokes (i.e. Amy`s previous mention that she was working with monkey and lung disease). The scenes intertwine perfectly, and while there are two main threads (scenes with Leonard and Pria and the one with Sheldon and Amy), they combine at the end for the hilarious finale (although only Sheldon is in both parts of the final scenes and glues them together). The character Sheldon and Amy always play « straight » and serious, although the results are the funniest of the episode. And, you have to believe that « not all » parts with the monkey are CGI… The rule on the denkoitus in the roommate contract was definitely addressed to Leonard, since Sheldon only participated in this kind of activity for years (and years…). Sheldon, who has taken his love for rules and guidelines to the extreme, has created an epic agreement of roommates that Leonard must approve to live there. Although Leonard did not always accept the agreement, he tried to save Sheldon`s face so as not to upset him. Nevertheless, it was only 10 of the rules of Leonardo`s roommate`s agreement that brought all the sneers to the show.

One of the best parts of The Big Bang Theory is to observe the relationship between Sheldon Cooper and all those with whom he interacts. You might think he`s relatively « normal » around his roommate, Leonard, but it couldn`t be further from the truth. Even after living and working together for years, Sheldon has always treated him as a tenant sharing the room. Jenna Busch of IGN gave a positive assessment of the fourth season finale: « The episode was largely strong. » However, Mr. Busch criticized the cliff side of the episode as saying: « A Penny/Raj connection seemed to have been a bit of a listener. Even though you`re feeling good, the ending still seemed a little soft. Busch praised the show`s season, saying, « There`s been so many great moments this season. Even though I criticized the show, there was always something to love. I can`t wait for next season to start. [3] In the second season`s episode « The Vartabedian Conundrum, » Leonard realizes that he is much more serious with his friend Stephanie than he recognized him, but as a doctor, Sheldon exploits her knowledge and bed mode. After diagnosing her with a fiery larynx and leonard realizes she`s going too fast – an emergency meeting was given to them, and Leonard and Stephanie called him. When the roommate agreement was born, Leonard was mostly the one accused of breaking the rules. In The Big Bang Theory Season 3, episode 15, Leonard was invited to observe the Large Hadron Collider at CERN in Switzerland, but instead of taking Sheldon, he decided to take Penny (Kaley Cuoco).

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