Present Address Proof Rental Agreement

The question is now being asked. What documents can be used as valid address proofs? 1) The lease must be registered. UIDAI refuses all unregistered leases. You do not have a registered lease, because in Maharashtra, the lease is mandatory. ? If you have a registered rental contract for more than one year, this verified copy is valid proof of the address, you do not need to contact the owner of noc and the passport authorities cannot insist. The rental contract serves as a proof of residence, especially when you have to request local services such as obtaining an Internet connection, connecting to gas, applying for a driver`s license, creating a bank account, purchasing a new SIM card, etc. If you don`t have permanent proof of address documents like the Aadhaar card or the Ration card, you need a lease document. LegalDesk helps you with a simple platform to create an online rental contract. If you live in your own home/apartment, the notarized sale contract for your property can be used as proof of address. Applicants are required to submit only proof of the address of that address, regardless of the day from which he stayed at the address indicated. However, it is required to mention all the points of stay of the previous year (from the date of the application) in the Passport application form. 2) You can indicate your permanent address where your parents remain as your permanent residence address, the unregord contract will also be accepted as valid proof of the address of the authorities that issue the passport for the assignment of passport facilities to applicants and accepted 3) If you visit the UIDAI self-service portal to make the change, you will need to scan all the pages of the rental contract and create a single PDF file before loading them.

If you download multiple jpg or jpg scanned images from the rental agreement, UIDAI may refuse them. Any Indian citizen over the age of 18 can obtain a voter card from India`s electoral commission.

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