Learning Agreement Unibw

Careful! Students of the Business and Economics Exchange whose university has an agreement with the IWW office in Innsbruck (International Exchange Business Students) must apply to the IWW office: www.uibk.ac.at/iww/incomings/ Any erasmus student in exchange must enter into an apprenticeship agreement. This agreement determines which courses you will take abroad and which of them can be recognized later in your physics studies at the LMU. The apprenticeship agreement can be amended at a later date. If the course catalogue is not yet available at the time of the requirement of the apprenticeship contract of your home university, we recommend that you choose the courses from the previous year`s or semester`s course catalogue. Also read the information for erasmus and LMU students on faculty websites. Note: You don`t need to log in to access this page – just click « Course Directory » to the left of the page. You will find a series of English instructions for navigation in the course catalogue by selecting the courses. Contact the relevant Erasmus coordinator at your university to find out if there is an Erasmus agreement in your area of expertise. In this case, your coordinator must officially designate you by sending an email to erasmus-incoming@uibk.ac.at with the following information: full name, email address, subject domain (depending on the agreement) and length of stay (1st or 2nd semester or full academic year). With the sending of the apprenticeship agreement, you are not automatically registered for the courses. Erasmus students who do not intend to take 100% of their courses in an LMU department must choose at least 50% of their course modules in the department with which their home university has a bilateral Erasmus agreement.

LMUexchange students must choose at least 50% of their course modules in a single department. For Erasmus students, the submission of an apprenticeship agreement is mandatory. To identify the objectives of the study, we also ask LMUexchange students to complete the learning agreement built into the application form: you will find more information in the download area and in Moodle.

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