Come Compilare Learning Agreement Erasmus

The departments of the University of Messina have their own deadlines, as well as all foreign universities. You need to find out. However, the plan is generally presented between May and June. All students are required to conclude the apprenticeship agreement at Uniweb during the following periods: There is greater rigidity on the issue of credits. You may be able to support an 8-CFU material instead of a 9-CFU (z.B.). The difference doesn`t have to be much; the coordinator`s discretion is broader in this case. However, it is possible to help several topics that will be validated as a single topic (for example. B to support two 6 PCB materials abroad to replace one in 12 in Messina). After being approved by the teacher, the student must have signed the apprenticeship agreement at the foreign headquarters and put it online in the « student space » of the International Office (N.B website: it is necessary to log in to access the student area and download the document). In the first table, you must specify the subjects that you add or delete to the host university, in the second, the subjects you add or delete at the University of Messina (as a result of the change made to the host university). With regard to student mobility for internships, the apprenticeship agreement must define how the stay abroad is recognised, including for the purpose of the diploma, and whether it is carried out on a voluntary basis (not compulsory for graduation) or by a recently graduated graduate.

See the guidelines below. Before departure, the student must complete the apprenticeship agreement and authorize it for study. The Apprenticeship Agreement (LA) is a document that describes the curriculum to be conducted abroad. The student must therefore agree in advance with the Erasmus delegate of his department of exams that he wishes to take abroad (or, in general, the training activities he intends to carry out), to complete and sign the LA form. The document is only valid if it is signed by the Erasmus delegate of the Department and the Erasmus director of the host university. The learning agreement form is attached to the call and remains available on the winner`s personal erasmus page. You should indicate the reason for the change (there is a table in the document that contains several possible reasons). This is an example: the duration of mobility varies from at least 3 months to 12 months maximum: the student can retire several times during his university career, but no more than 12 months of total mobility for each cycle (undergraduate, 2nd cycle and 3rd cycle).

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